Capital Waste Reduction in Manufacturing

Executive Summary
Competing in today’s manufacturing environment requires new and creative thinking to save money. Operational complexities hide preventable costs that tie up cash in unprofitable segments of the business. Revealing these hiding spots and making improvements can generate real savings.

One contributor to waste is spare electrical automation cabling for machine maintenance.Automation equipment requires unique and expensive types such as industrial-grade robot and heavy-duty power cables. Manufacturers are forced to buy much more cable than they need. Unused cable is eventually discarded thereby wasting both material and cash.

The solution is for a manufacturer to only order what they need. While simple on the surface, it is difficult to predict how much cable will be needed. If a machine shuts down because of a broken cable, then it is critical to have spares on hand. However, a manufacturer still does not need to buy more than what will keep them running. Therefore, it is important to work with a supplier that can provide cables in
either specific lengths or smaller spools to reduce waste.

MISUMI offers both. As a supplier of automation equipment, we provide smaller spools of cable and perform custom cuts to eliminate waste. Utilizing these services can help a manufacturer reduce overall
maintenance material investment by up to 60%.

For more information, download our White Paper Below.

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