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Q1. What Are Pitching, Yawing, Rolling and Straightness?


They are movements that occur along with the motion and direction of the stage.
Pitching (unit: ”): nose up or tail up
Yawing (unit: ”): nose moves from side to side
Rolling (unit: ”): a circular movement of the body as it moves forward
Straightness (unit: µm): Maximum deviation from ideal axis along
horizontal and vertical directions


Q2. What Is Moment Rigidity?


An deviation angle per 1Ncm that occurs when the force is applied on top of the stage with pitching, yawing and rolling directions

*The distance is between the center of the table and the point where force is applied.
*Moment rigidity shown in each product specification is typical measured value.


Q3. What Is The Difference Between Parallelism & Motion Parallelism?


Parallelism is a value of how the top plate is parallel with its reference surface. The difference is how they are measured.

■Parallelism (unit: µm)
Stage is fixed on reference table.
Parallelism shows how parallel the top plate is with its reference surface.

■ Motion Parallelism

  • Stage will be fixed on reference plane.
  • Device measuring hight between reference plane and stage will be put on the stage table.
  • Motion parallelism is defined as the maximum difference in the displacement over the movement.


Q4. What Is Resolution? What are FULL, HALF and Micro Step?


■ Resolution (unit: µm)
Travel distance when a single pulse is input. This is FULL step.
■ HALF (Half Step) (unit: µm)
Travel distance that is half as the of a FULL step.
■ MS (Micro Step) (unit: µm)
A travel distance shorter than a half step.
There are 16 options available; 1, 2, 2.5, 4, 5, 8, 10, 20, 25, 40, 50, 80, 100, 125, 200 or 250.


Q5. What Is The Difference Between Accuracy, Reputability And Lost Motion?
■ Accuracy (unit: µm)

The difference between two points where the position is moved and stopped at a certain times from one direction.

■ Repeatability (unit: ±µm)

The difference between two points where the position is moved and stopped back and forth at a certain times.

■ Lost Motion(unit: µm)

The difference between two points where the position is moved and stopped from one direction and the other.



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