MISUMI University Program

About the University Program

The MISUMI University Program is a resource for University students in the United States and Canada. We strive to put the students first, by providing valuable knowledge and support for their engineering careers.

MISUMI is a resource for students during their education, and post-college when starting their professional careers. Through engineering support, presentation and parts sponsorship, the MISUMI University Program helps students achieve their goals.

Questions? Contact mup@misumiusa.com

Fall Semester Submission Deadlines:

  • Submission Timeframe: August – Early December
  • Decision Announced: 1-2 Weeks From Submission


Program Benefits include:

Virtual classroom presentation that provides students with a first-hand look at mechanical components in various sizes, materials and surface finished. The presentation also includes an overview into the MISUMI configurator and available CAD files.

Potential discount on parts or part sponsorship.

Dedicated engineering support from experienced MISUMI engineers.

Access to the MISUMI Online Configurator, InCAD Library and free CAD downloads.


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MISUMI University Program Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Enroll In The Program?

Simply fill out the form during the submission deadline and the MISUMI University Program Coordinators will review each submission and provide a response related to MISUMI’s involvement.

How Do Discounts Work?

Once you are a member of the MISUMI University Program, you are eligible for sponsorship from MISUMI. Sponsorship may include a 30% discount on all online orders for one year. Discounts are awarded after sponsorship submission review.

Who Can Apply?

College students and student groups (ASME, SAE, Robotics Club).

When Will I Get My Requested Parts?

All submissions will be reviewed based on the MISUMI University Program criteria. Once reviewed, the MISUMI University Program coordinators will respond to the request submitter and notify them on MISUMI involvement. Then, the parts will be ordered and shipped out based on current lead times.



Student Project Spotlights


Formula SAE – UCLA team


Club RockÉTS



BYU Rocketry High Power Team

BYU Rocketry Team with the rocket, Photon. The team placed 15th out of 45 universities competing in this category at the Spaceport America Cup. The team also received an Honorable Mention for the payload used in the SDL Payload Challenge.



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MISUMI University Program members share ideas, projects and more on the LinkedIn Group Page. Become a part of the community by requesting to join the LinkedIn Group. All members of the MISUMI University Program are encouraged to join the group.

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MISUMI is the most comprehensive and user-friendly resource for factory automation components. With a vast selection of 80 sextillion standard and customized parts, MISUMI is an unmatched, one stop shop to meet customer specifications. MISUMI is committed to empowering customers to do incredible design work incredibly fast. For more information, visit MISUMI USA’s website at misumiusa.com.

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