3 Tips for Locating the Step on Linear Guides

Getting the right fit for linear guides and mounting blocks is crucial. Without the right fit, the slide guide can deteriorate over time, causing large-scale operational problems.

There are a couple of ways to locate the step so everything fits and moves together without undertaking the seemingly-impossible task of trying to actually measure chamfer size yourself.

1. Using Height Adjust Blocks
Take a look at the height adjust block alongside your linear guide rail. Each height adjust block comes with a reference step feature for the size of its partner linear guide. Along with this information, you’ll also find the maximum radius and step height measurements that this particular height adjust block can work with.

It’s safe to assume that you can use these exact same measurements, given in 1mm increments, to help you find the step of the linear guide.

2. Using the Chamfer Size
Alternatively, you can go the long route in finding the chamfer size to give you the correct numbers to locate the step.

The two dimensions labeled “Ca” and “Cb” are highlighted above. This tells you what the size of the chamfer is so you can decide the maximum limits of your machining radius, ensuring that everything fits and works together without breaking due to friction. You can find the dimensions on the product page of each linear guide like the below example.

3. Eliminate the Need for the Step with Mounting Dowel Holes
It’s also worth noting that you may not even have to know the step for your linear guide at all.

Normally, you only need to know the size of the step so you can mount the guide. You can construct and operate your machine effectively by drilling a hole in the mounting surface, inserting a dowel pin, and then mounting the guide by putting the guide on top of the pins, inserting them through the pre-made mounting holes.

Linear Guide Product Line
Check out our linear guides page to see our full range of products and sizes. MISUMI is also partnering with linear motion experts THK to bring you cut-to-length rails. Check out the THK Linear Guide Product Line!

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  1. Vahid Mostofi

    February 7, 2020 at 6:23 pm

    What if you don’t have the option of machining a step for the rail or the block, what other methods are available to locate the rail and the block?


  2. Denny

    April 28, 2020 at 12:19 am

    I think when facing the challenge like you said, sometimes we need to reverse our thinking (turn over the table), and finding a new way.


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