You’ve Got the POWER! MR vs. GT

In the rotary power transmission world, timing pulleys and timing belts are king!  There are a variety of profiles, widths, material, and lengths to choose from.  Depending on your application needs, choosing the right profile is key.  There are many factors to consider in choosing the right profile.  Check out our 4 part YouTube series on timing pulleys and belts!  In this post, we will be comparing 2 profiles that MISUMI provides and supports, MR and GT.

What is the difference between MR and GT?

To narrow it down on a particular profile, we will be highlighting and clearing up many misconceptions of our newest addition to the power transmission profile, MR.  MR is a curvilinear profile and is compatible with PowerGrip® GT® 3 from Gates.  MR is GT® and vice versa GT® is MR.  What about MISUMI’s 2GT, 3GT, and 5GT? Yes, let’s go into the history of this profile.

MISUMI’s 2GT, 3GT, and 5GT originated in Asia as a circular profile and naturally, as a subsidiary of MISUMI the US location adopted it.  They are very similar to PowerGrip® GT® from Gates in terms of performance, except for the shape.  We wanted to expand our product offering and provide even more for our customers so we adopted MR as the nomenclature for our line of timing belts and pulleys compatible with Gates, GT®.  We have them available in the 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 8mm and 14mm pitches.

Is there a difference in performance?

This all depends on your application of course but both profiles perform well as there is very minimal backlash.  MR will provide in high load applications, accuracy, and resist ratcheting.  The curvilinear profile will provide more surface contact between the pulley and belt.  The more surface contact between the pulley and belt, the longer the life of the belt and greater prevention of tooth distortion.

Here is a comparison of the MXL profile vs. the 2GT profile backlash.

What is backlash?

Backlash is recoil between mechanical parts.  This is something to avoid especially in accuracy applications.  The more surface contact the less backlash, hence, with the 2GT/MR is the better profile.

Here is a chart comparison of different tooth profiles.  As you can see, MR/GT Power Grip is curvilinear profile.  2,3,5GT MISUMI is a circular profile.  MISUMI USA has a variety of profiles to choose from and of course, the configurability options for bore, material, number of teeth and even shaft installation.

Here is a comparison of MR vs. HTD

As you can see, the MR has more surface contact comparted to HTD.

We hope this clears up things about MR and GT.  If you have any further questions, please contact our Power Transmission Engineering Team at  Let us help you size the right belt and pulley for your transmission application, we have the power!  If you missed last week’s post regarding LTBC (Low Temperature Black Chrome) plating, check it out here!  You’ve got the power!


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    You’ve Got the POWER! MR vs. GT

    In the rotary power transmission world, timing pulleys and timing belts are king!  There are a variety of profiles, widths, material, ...
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