Timing Belts & Pulley Selection

Welcome to the first part in our Mech Minutes Timing Belts and Pulleys video series. Over the next few videos, we’ll be covering the basics and most frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing, installing, and using timing belts and pulleys, and similar power transmission systems.

In this episode, we’ll be discussing belt selection for power transmission systems, taking a look at timing belts, V belts, flat belts, and chains (for chain and sprocket systems).

Before comparing each system for pros and cons, several elements need to be considered in any application when deciding on a type of power transmission: overall system or package size, environment considerations, and application specific requirements, including food grade or food safe requirements, and anti-static or conductive systems for electronic applications.

Watch our video below to learn more about the environmental and operating restraints you may be designing under, and how to choose the best timing belt for your environment.

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    Timing Belts & Pulley Selection

    Welcome to the first part in our Mech Minutes Timing Belts and Pulleys video series. Over the next few videos, we’ll ...
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