Have you ever tried to measure the runout of a workpiece with a contact displacement sensor but struggled to get consistent repeatable results? Today’s IdeaNote Video: IN Motion application example may help provide an idea of how to create an ...

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In the introduction to our sliding guides series, we looked at different types of guides and their various applications. This article will focus on the specific differences between linear bushings and linear guides. There are many options for each of ...

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Getting the right fit for linear guides and mounting blocks is crucial. Without the right fit, the slide guide can deteriorate over time, causing large-scale operational problems. At Misumi, customers often ask us how to find the step for their ...

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Many projects require a repeating linear motion, and selecting the best system to facilitate that motion can be challenging. There are several solutions available, all with advantages and disadvantages between load capacity, accuracy, maintainability, and cost. Plain Bushings: Simple and ...

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Does your linear motion application have high speeds, high loads, and need a high degree of accuracy? If yes, you should consider installing a linear guide. They have all of the benefits of linear bushings, but are different in a ...

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