Introduction Another important consideration to take into account when trying to locate work pieces is the role external forces will play in the process. Depending on the machining process that the work piece will be subjected to, there may be ...

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Introduction One of the problems faced when locating on jigs and fixtures is the presence of burrs and foreign material on the locating surfaces. These instances occur because manufacturing processes are imperfect and produce chips and rough/raised surfaces.  Burrs are ...

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Introduction Continual advancements in the fields of mechanization and automation have led to large strides forward for the manufacturing industry. Various products ranging in size from cars to small circuit components are today made through automated procedures in manufacturing facilities. ...

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When working with and designing jigs or fixtures with locating pins, proper alignment is crucial to ensuring smooth operation and repeatable results. This episode will address a few of the most common solutions to alignment concerns for locating pins. If ...

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In our second Locating Pins episode in the Engineer to Engineer Series, locating pins are used in workholding fixtures and jigs to secure workpieces during the production of parts. If you are new to workholding concepts, check out our first episode for an introduction ...

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