For part 3 of this series, we look into MAKEiT, Inc.’s  design process and how MISUMI influences it. Q1:  What is your design process from concept to build and how long does is that process? Our first model, the MAKEiTⓇ Pro, was ...

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The powerful engineering analysis tools made possible thanks to significant advances in computational technology are now being unleashed on the non-traditional, “out of the box” problems that have mystified whole fields of science and engineering technology until now.   In this ...

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Whirlwind Introduction to the World of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) The world of Finite Element Analysis is a deep rabbit hole that can lose many an engineer.  To put it simply, FEA is a computational method used to solve engineering ...

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This isn’t your regular DIY Project! This is DIY SUPERSIZED! We recently stumbled upon a video showcasing the DIY skills of whom I think may be the greatest Engineering Dad ever! Not only does this dads creation encourage imagination, creativity and ingenuity, ...

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