One of the main design challenges faced during the early design stages of automated mechanical systems deals with the precision and repeatability needs of components and sub-components.  Sometimes, these two design considerations tend to dwarf all others in becoming the ...

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The challenge for mechanical automation systems in the past has been the successful conversion of rotational motion from electric or mechanical motors into useful forms of linear motion.  A breakthrough in this regard, the conveyor belt system represented one of ...

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On this latest edition of our Engineer to Engineer series, our Motion Systems Application Engineer, Chuck Leonard, will demonstrate how to wire and connect the I/O ports on our RS series actuators. This demonstration will be broken into 2 episodes, so be sure ...

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The principles of linear motion are hundreds of years old. Throughout the years, the general principles of linear motion have never wavered, while the technology has made significant advancements to yield more precisely controlled motion and greater flexibility of the ...

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Dear Misumi Engineering Team, I’m in the process of selecting a linear actuator and it looks like Misumi has a lot of options to choose from. What do I need to know to choose the best actuator for my application? – ...

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