I’m a Product Manager for Machined Products at Misumi. I have spent 10 years working in Motion Systems, and have relocated from Texas to join Misumi’s home office. I enjoy exploring the world-- I spent a year living in Argentina and have visited over 30 countries.

Question: Dear MISUMI Engineering Team: We are currently building a machine that has several timing shafts that are driven by spur gears, but are having problems determining the correct spacing between the shafts. The shafts are held by bearings mounted ...

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Even though you may not be aware, nearly everyone has heard of cam timing and the benefits that it can provide for your engine. Most car manufacturers use some variant of the technology in their sports models, notably the VTEC ...

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Dear MISUMI Engineering Team, Why have you removed the calculator for the timing belts (i.e HTBN type S2/3/4M) fitting pulleys from your website? I found those quite useful and now they are removed. Also, do you have any plans on ...

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