Christopher obtained his Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Engineering Technology from Purdue University. However, his admiration of technology appeared far before he walked the halls of continued education. During Chris’ tenure with Apple, it became evident there was a passion for assisting patrons face-to-face. This eventually led to his acceptance as Purdue's Fluid Power lab instructor - where Chris inspired students within the same facility he flourished. Beginning his engineering career at Bimba Manufacturing, Chris was exposed to intricate motion systems. Absorbing and learning from Bimba's brilliant engineers allowed him to progress his own design and troubleshooting skills. Presently a Project Supervisor at Misumi USA, his main responsibility is overseeing the development and implementation of an innovative CAD tool for engineers & designers. Working with colleagues on a global scale has allowed him to broaden and strengthen many administrative skills including: Project Management, Market Research, Sampling, & Strategic Thinking.

The next section of this CAD series will cover the rise of product management services – specifically Product Data Management (PDM) solutions. CAD has drastically simplified the design phase of a product’s lifecycle. This accompanied with globalization has led to ...

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SHAFTS: AN INTRODUCTION | MECH MINUTES | MISUMI USA On the latest series of Mech Minutes, we will be reviewing the features that must be considered when selecting a shaft in your application. Shafts are typically used for three main ...

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