Carlicia is a Marketing Product Engineer at MISUMI USA and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is a Certified SolidWorks Associate and is passionate about education and training.

Engineers have many options when it comes to designing for linear motion.  The need for compact and efficient designs evolved the variety of linear guide mechanisms.  Rails and sliders are the simplest form of linear guide mechanisms, which are a ...

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Continuing with the Linear Motion theme, up next, bushings, bearings and other linear mechanisms are examined.  Beginning with an explanation of bushings versus bearings. Dynamic bearing systems are, at their most basic level simply an engineered hole/shaft interface that is ...

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The need for speed! Increasing speed will increase accuracy and there are a variety of challenges to overcome to get that optimization.  To review, a ball screw is a mechanical element that converts motor’s rotary motion into linear motion.  Therefore, ...

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Friction is one factor in ball screw performance.  There are 2 different friction torques affecting screw operation performance.  Each friction torque is dependent on the type of feed screw. Feed screw is a mechanical element used to convert rotational motion ...

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